Friday, May 1, 2009

I don't always look this good

I laughed when my nails were noticed last Saturday. I hardly ever have them painted.
The only reason my nails had paint on them was because of this-

Jay had been out of town and left me this note.
He left money in my jar for a pedicure.
I scheduled time for my mom to watch the kids later in the week.
Then Kristie so kindly invited me to go with her to meet the Pioneer Woman.

When my nails were noticed I chuckled and said it was a gift. Then I laughed inside as I thought of this story.

My friend Donna is the biggest Tim McGraw fan I know. She had tickets for a show, out of town and was contemplating getting a pedicure before she went. As she was trying to decide whether to squeeze in one more thing before she left, her husband commented- "I hate to break it to ya, but Tim is not going to see your feet."

Well to her fortune she was selected to go to a meet and greet before the show.
Boy, was Donna shocked.
You know what she thought and what she texted her husband? "He IS going to see my feet!"

You just never know when your nails are going to be noticed.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

So glad yours were...and what a sweet thing for Jay to do!

Lene said...

What a nice treat from Jay. I never have my nails painted, but my toes are always done.

Kim Sue said...

what a sweet treat and wow not only did you get to enjoy the pampering they got noticed and called out!