Sunday, June 14, 2009

a little of this and a little of that

I have lots of bits and pieces of things- but no real blog post written. In keeping up with life, sometimes I need to excuse myself from technology for a while. I even have taken to my walks in the morning without my music just so I can think. Alone.

Luke and I sat down and made a schedule for what "we" thought we should do this summer. Every August we do "beach week" or we have done spear camp, but "we" thought it would be fun to have something every week- that way we can fit it all in!
We took the first two weeks of summer to get acclimated, sign up for summer reading, get caught up on sleep and we had cubscout camp

Then we started off :

last week was water week

next week will be outdoors week
animal week
celebration week (our anniversary, savanna's birthday and 4th of july)
then vacation weeks
and so on. They are pretty loose with different activities related to the theme. Stuff we all want to do, or say sometime we should do this. I am finding I need to schedule some "me" time, and some one on one time with the kids, and a few days cleared on the calendar when I can just be home and get things done.

We are doing a cooking class with Savannas friends every Thursday.

These have been fun-filled, and its great to hear that the girls are making things in their own homes.
It is so interesting to watch them together, and hear what they each want to learn to make.

I have a question and answer post in the works- realized that I have left a few people with unanswered questions. Wasn't sure if I should just send an email, or leave a comment in the comments or just make one big post. Still not sure.

I get lots of looks and stares and a few smiles when we go shopping. And usually there is a double take. I wonder sometimes what the big deal is. And then I look at my kids. I forget because it is so part of the norm. Most of the time someone is dressed up like this:

I am in a dejunking simplifying mode. Wanting to get rid of extra, and excess stuff, to make room for the things we really want. The family has been warned. I think they know, when Mom gets in this mode, if they want something they better have it put away.

I started a 2 1/2 year old post for Tucker 3 1/2 months ago. Still not finished with it.

Our playset is up and all finsihed except the shingles. So thankful to have it, and have the setting up done and out of the way. (Jay is probably more glad about this than I am!)

New favorite song: "Moses and Marco Polo Suite: IV. The Lady Caliph: Dinner"
Yo-Yo Ma Plays Ennio Morricone-
Sometimes a song just moves you.

Wanting a good book to read. Something that just sucks me in.

Trying to decide on what to do about a van. Its time to start shopping. But having a hard time commiting to it.

Can't find a decent rental car during the time we want to vacation this summer. (translation- can't find something that seats 6 for what we want to pay) Can't rely on our van to get us where we want to go. It is fine for around town, but not so fine for long road trips.
Possibly post-poning trip until we decide about a van.

Excited to spend some time with my camera this week,

(jay and my mom's retro camera- it actually uses film! gasp!)
and hopefully some time with Jay and Photo-shop.

Can't wait for allergies to subside- wondering why in the world- I would start to feel better when we went camping then started feeling immediately worse upon getting in the van and heading home. And why-oh-why was Jay the opposite?

This one is in a biting phase.

This is a first for our kids. I think the others may have bitten once, but this one- its more than once. And he is biting more than our family. He has started to bite friends.

Mostly its when someone has something he wants. Or when he is mad. But now it has happened when we are not around, in the nursery at church. It makes me nervous to leave him. Somehow hitting seems like less of a big deal than biting.

I wonder if it has anything to do with the fact that I act like I am going to eat him all the time.

Thinking about finishing some long overdue home projects. Must schedule them and put them on the calendar.
Luke just set a timer of 5 minutes for me so that he can use the computer. Really my 6 year old is timing me and counting down.
Times up.

So what is on your mind?


Kristie said...

Actually, I think that qualifies as an entire blog post! :) How many of those photos were taken with your new camera? Because there were some really good pictures in it!

hillary said...

I'm tired just reading your post. And I agree, it's totally a post.

You have so much fun with your live. And you know I am loving the cleaning out mode you talk about.

You inspire me to do lots of stuff. What a good idea to do a cooking class for Savanna and friends!

April said...

I agree - totally an entire post! I love that you are doing theme weeks. I think we might copy that.
Can't wait to see you this weekend!!

Kim Sue said...

So much goodness especially that picture of you all piled up in the bed reading - that makes me smile!

Urban Tangerine said...

I heart this post! I especially love the parts about taking a break from technology, prioritizing and simplifying. You are living the dream, girlfriend! I will be taking some tips from you as we plan our summer.