Friday, July 10, 2009

Deal of the day- CHICK-FIL-A!

It's back-
Dress like a cow, get free chicken
! (cow appreciation day!)
We did it last year-
We will be doing it again today!


vgsmom said...

Jenna and I did this a few years ago. We had great little masks. I don't know if I could get her do it now. Good Eating!!

Laura @ said...

Oh my gosh...that's a riot!! You did a good job last year looking like cows in a hurry! I'm just trying to figure out what they aren't asking you to dress like a chicken....
We don't have CHICK-FIL-A's around maybe that's why I am a little on the lost side. But have fun and enjoy your chicken! MOOOO!

Jenn said...

Tried to get my crew to do it - was met with opposition and therefore dinner was not free!