Saturday, July 4, 2009

our version of the balloon launch (take that provo freedom festival)

Happy 4th! Hope your day is full of the things you want to do, and nothing that you don't.


Rebecca said...

We went to Balloon Fest on Thursday morning...the kids loved it. Cohen jumped out of his skin whenever they turned the flames on...but he wasn't scared, it just startled him every time. It was so beautiful...I love going there!

hillary said...

Hey, at least you do fun stuff. My hubby is a fun stuff dud. And to tell you the truth, I am not a good self-motivator.

We cleaned out Max's truck and took all the cardboard in the basement to recycle. Real 4th of Julyish. Huh?

Kaleen said...

I totally thought of you on the 4th! What a great idea to make your own launch. Provo always did a good job, but You my friend, bring them to shame. You are amazing!