Friday, July 3, 2009

It was a WICKED birthday

Yesterday was Savanna's 12th birthday- I was too partied out to post last night! We partied from sun up till sun down and I was just too tired to think straight to write.

Savanna woke up and begged to wake everyone else up to go downstairs.

It's just like Christmas!

We went down and she went from one surprise to the next.

We went and got her ears pierced,

and took a small support group with us!

We went swimming,
Followed by pizza and witch cupcakes at the pool.
scroll through the next pictures fast and it is just like you were there! (he he)

make a wish

deep breath

Then it was time to go home- (and I even got my traditional "birthday flowers"at the end of the day!)
A busy fun-filled day! We have been partying all week- and it just feels like one big celebration from one day to the next! Happy 12th birthday!

Dear Savanna-
We are so glad you are a part of our family. You fill such an important spot being the only girl. What those boys would miss without you being the big sister!
You have such a giving heart, and are genuinly concerned for others.
We are so proud of the things you have done this last year.
You have overcome fears.
You have worked hard.
You have pushed outside of your comfort zone.
You have proven yourself.
You shared something that was of worth to you.

(november 2008)
You have been fun.
You have been silly.
You have been a awesome big sister!
You have been a peacemaker.
You have sang.
You have danced.
You have performed.
You have played.
You have stayed up late to read.
You have learned to do new things and share it with others.
You have so many fun and exciting things this next year- we will love watching and hearing of all your great experiences and adventures.

Keep smiling. Keep working on being friends with your brothers.
Keep singing-remember- you don't sing because you are happy, you are happy because you sing!
Love mom & dad


vgsmom said...

Happy Birthday dear sweet Savanna--we love you.

The Smiths

hillary said...

That child can not be 12. She should be about 7 or 8!

Has it really been that long.

STILL miss you people.


Hilary said...

what a wonderful birthday! She sounds like an incredible girl!

Taylor & Becca Duncan said...

Happy Birthday Savanna!!

That is SO cool you had a Wicked birthday.. Did I see you got tickets?? You'll LOVE it!!

Excited to see you in October :)