Wednesday, July 1, 2009

What did you do on July 1, 1995?

I have many things that I look back on and wish that I could re-do/change. Or that I regret.
But the one thing I have never-ever wished that I had not done or wish that I could change was marrying Jay.
He tweeted :
What'd u do July 1, 1995? I married @alisaspear ~ 14 yrs, 4 states & 4 children later it just keeps getting better!
I agree.
Happy Anniversary!


Meghan said...

Hmmm. That was the summer before my Senior year of high school so I probably slept half the day away, went to my afternoon job and then hung out with friends at night. Your day was much more memorable. Congrats!!

Stefunkc said...

Happy Anniversary!!

Rebecca said...

Congratulations! Hope you had a great day! And I hope Savanna had a good's the same day, right??

July 1, 1995, we were living in Michigan with my mother-in-law...and I was about 6 months pregnant with Brooklyn. It was VERY hot and they have no AC or I'm sure your day was more enjoyable!

Lene said...

Happy Anniversary!

I had just started dating my future hubby in in 1995.

Amy said...

I was 12 years old in 1995, but I don't remember what I was doing. :)

Happy anniversary you two!

hillary said...

I wouldn't change you marrying that guy too! You guys are perfect for eachother. As are the 4 children you sprouted.

I was counting down the days til I got married 8/19/95

Happy anniversary people!