Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Annual Beach Week

"Its that time of year- its Beach Week!
We have a fun week planned including Jay having some time off of work to do things with us.
We are relaxing and we are having fun, and most importantly we are spending time together."

I wrote this last week. I started a post and then I got sidetracked. I could either be on the computer or with the family. So I made the choice to step away from the keyboard a bit. We have beach week every summer, but this year I found I had to kind of disconnect with the outside world in order to fully enjoy the week! I missed blogging. I missed twitter. But I would have missed my family more.

We read a book aloud. This has been something I have wanted to do for so long! We read to the littles out loud all the time, but never a book for the whole family. We finally did it and have loved it. (one more chapter to go!)

We played card games together. Game after game. I usually have such a hard time playing card games with the age range- cards are flying everywhere, 1 child is frustrated because they can't hold all their cards, another is frustrated because they don't understand the rules. But not with this game! Savanna and I learned a new game from our friends- 7-11 played with skip-bo cards. So fun for all of us.

We stayed up way too late watching movies-we watched every version of Witch Mountain. We laughed at how funny the kids were in the original version but of all 3 movies that one is our favorite.

Although our intent of our families beach week wasn't to pack it all in, we sure did this time!
Jay took off a few days and we included part of our "staycation" into the beach week. We had so many coupons and prizes from the kids summer reading program that we jokingly said,
"beach week sponsored by the public library!"
We used the coupons to go to a baseball game, and to the water park, and out to eat.

We also went to the lake for a day, we went swimming at the pool. We went to the lego store. We went to the Aquarium. We drank sodas at Pops.

I am always so glad that we take the time to have Beach Week- every year it goes a little different. Its worth every bit of work ahead of time to clear our schedules and get things done that need to be tended to. Now our schedule is filled with back to school things- and last-time-of-summer outings. So-so thankful we had last week to be together and slow down for us.


Amy said...

You are such an awesome mom and an amazing example to me, even from hundreds of miles away!

vgsmom said...

we missed you while you were away but we're glad you had a great "trip".

Kim Sue said...

what wonderful family time!

Lene said...

Beach week sounds delightful!

Bren's Life said...

What a fun week! Sounds like great memories. You know I hate to admit but I hate playing games.... I mean it- I just am not a game person at all... But sometimes it can be fun..

Anonymous said...

Could you explain the 7-11 card game? I would love a new game for my kids who love uno but we are getting tired of it.

Alisa said...

Wendy- I will work on a post about how to play 7-11! Its a fun game, and all ages can play.