Monday, August 10, 2009

Family night - 8-09-09

Back to blogging!

Family Night
- a time set aside

Song: Mom- I will follow God's plan for me

Prayer: Tucker (no surprise that Tucker chose himself for the opening and the closing!)

Scripture: Luke Jesus Walks on Water (Matthew 14)

Lesson: Jack- relating to yesterdays events at church, Jack discussed our ward getting a new Bishop and how it will be different. And how we will miss our former Bishop. He talked about how we can show our support to the new Bishop and how we can sustain him even if we wish it were someone else. (pretty big discussion for a 9 year old!) He talked about how a new Bishop is called- The Stake Presidency prays for inspiration.

Activity: Savanna- We played a new game that we learned from our mom/daughter weekend. 7-11, its played with Skip-bo cards.

Treat: Dad


Kristie said...

We bought the skip bo cards and have been playing 7-11 here at home, too. Everyone loves it. Although I think we should add the ice cream ... that would make it much better!! :)

vgsmom said...

So glad you're back to blogging, I love hearing about family night. I think my mom may have caused 7/11to sweep okc.

Kim Sue said...

never heard of 7/11...tried to google but no luck. any idea where I can learn about it?

Kim Sue said...

this is funny...I ran another google search trying to find 7/11 and I found your blog :o)