Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday Thoughts- a change & rare event edition

Today I witnessed a rare event. I guess I should say a few rare events.
Rare event #1: Our entire family sat together for church. (Wonder why we don't sit together for church? See here and be sure to read the comments.)

Rare event #2: No child had to be taken out, nobody argued, or screamed or needed parental attention during. (I won't speak about the ride to church) Because we had a Stake Conference (this meeting is held twice a year) the meeting was 2 straight hours. While normally we attend for 3 hours, those hours are broken into segments. So for our family to make it 2 straight hours seemed like a miracle!

Rare event #3: Our family witnessed the change in our Stake Leadership. This part was rare because it happens about every 10 years or so. For as long as our family has lived here in Oklahoma there has been the same Stake Presidency. I believe that they were men who have sacrificed much. In our church there is no paid ministry. It is all volunteer. In a way. Not in the way of volunteering yourself or asking to have a position. We are extended callings. Our family has prayed for the leaders of our Stake and their families. We realize and appreciate their time, and their sacrifice.

Today our Bishop was called into the reorganized Stake Presidency. We pray for he and his wife as they experience this time of change. I was surprised at how emotional I was about the change.
With our Bishop being called into the Stake, our Ward (congregation) will experience a change sometime soon of a new Bishopric. There will be a new Bishop and counselors called to serve our ward sometime in the next few weeks. I will keep our leaders in our prayers as they meet and pray and discuss our ward and its needs.

I have a confession to make. I don't like change. Even when it is good change. I find it hard to adjust. Even when I am all for the changes, I still find it hard to take. But today has been different. There has been a peace and a calmness. I don't feel turned upside down. I count this as a blessing.

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Lene said...

I have been blessed with the calm spirit when we face changes like that. It might be because of where we is a very fast growing area where wards being split and new stakes formed happen fairly regularly. Now a Sunday with no fighting and reverent children, that is very rare.