Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bakerella Inspired

Savanna got to perform in the all school musical (5th grade- high school) at the end of April. (Last school year.) Her best friend Jenna was in it too, so her Mom Lori and I put our heads together to come up with something fun to give to the girls after each performance. I think that we would have just done flowers but Lori found something fun. It all started with cute Charlie Brown Encyclopedias. Lori found two of them and put them with Snoopy holding some candy. So those were the first night. Then Lori thought of autograph pillows for another night. I made the pillows, her husband Jim created vinyl for the front of them and I decided to add Charlie Brown zig-zag cookies for the closing night.

So that left one night in the middle. I had been wanting to make Bakerella's
truffle cake pops, and this seemed like it would be a fun time to try them. And it worked!

It did take a bit longer than expected, and some patience. But all in all I think they turned out pretty good. (and yummy tasting too!)

I paired a bouquet of truffle pops with some bright yellow flowers. I made sure there were extra treats to share and I think the girls had a good time handing them out.


A few weeks ago I got the urge to make cake pops again. Bakeralla inspired apple cake pops. They were the perfect thing for back to school. Only I can't really get into back to school in August. It felt more like a September project. So I waited, and whipped them out after Labor day. Apples are so September to me anyway. And these little treats are the perfect apple for a teacher.
Here are mine.

Since you already know they are apples, they look alright.

Kind of like apples wouldn't you say?

I used spice cake, mixed with cream cheese frosting.
Now that you have seen mine, I will link you to the original. And most definitely more apple looking than mine, Apple Cake Pops by Bakerella.

Tips for making your own cake pops-
Don't do these the day you want to hand them out.
Work ahead of time. After the cake cools, and you crumble it all up, go easy on the frosting.
Like Bakerella says, you can always add more. Roll into whatever shape you are making and let it sit in the fridge a bit. Like several hours, or overnight. You can put the sticks in now or wait till later. I think it works a little better to put them in now and let them set in the fridge overnight. Just follow Bakerella's directions for that. When you heat your chocolate, work in small batches pulling the cake pops a few at a time from the fridge. Get some styrofoam to stick the pops into.
The more you make the better they turn out. You really have to get the hang of them. The first few of mine always fall back into the chocolate and I end up making a mess. Have lots of "old" wet washcloths around to wipe up stray chocolate drippings. Off your hands, off the sticks, off the counter etc.) This would be a good time to wear an apron too, that chocolate has a way of just going everywhere!
Experiment with different cake mixes and frostings. Lemon has been good, and the spice cake was yum too.
Most of all be patient with this. And work ahead of time. I write this for my benefit, for when I come back to my blog to remember how I made them. For when I think, "Oh I think I will just whip up some cake pops for (insert event here) tonight. " These are not like whipping up a batch of cookies, remember that Alisa!


vgsmom said...

The apples are so cute. I barely find time to wipe down the kitchen counter tops. LYMI

Kristie said...

Apples. Definitely apples. But much yummier.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

The apples and snoopy pops are darling! Yes, yes, you are so right. These take time and a little bit of practice to get the hang of them, but they are so, so good. I think they taste much better after a day or two, don't you?

I haven't ever thought of spice cake, though. Now that sounds like fall. They'd make cute pumpkins, too.

Lene said...

so so cute.

I still haven't attempted them. I think I am totally intimidated by Bakerella.