Saturday, September 12, 2009

Just awarded best mom of the year!

Does this look like a boy who has pneumonia?

(today, playing in the red mud, in the rain)

I did not think so either.
So I sent him to school day after day with a cough, thinking it was allergies/asthma. I even told his teacher that if he did not sound any better by the weekend I would take him in to see the Dr. sometime next week.

Imagine my surprise when I got a call Wednesday from the school nurse saying he was running a fever.
Imagine my greater surprise after making an appointment and finding out the Dr. wanted chest x-rays.
Imagine an even bigger surprise (along with a big dose of guilt) when he is diagnosed with pneumonia.

You just never know with this one.
He was given a big bad shot. (So big and bad he could not walk.)
Now he has extra breathing treatments.

And enough doses of medicine that I feel the need to write them all down and check them off to keep track.

He still sounds the same.

And he is still acting the same.
Like I said, you just never know with this one.


jarrleckie said...

Bummer! There goes that medical again......

Kristie said...

Oh, bless him. That explains why I didn't see you the past few days picking up after school..... :(

vgsmom said...

Wow, he must be a trooper. Don't feel bad he probably just thought it was normal, too.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Oh man! I'm glad the doctor caught it. Join me in the best mom of the year award, I missed it with one of ours, too.

Tracy said...

Hope he feels better soon!
And dont worry about the best mom award, I have done it too! Let DD cough for 3 weeks until she had a fever, took her to the doc and she had pneumonia. And THEN somehow let her fall in the pool 3 days later and she got an ear infection too!

Lene said...

Isn't that the worst feeling. Hope he starts feeling better soon.

hillary said...

That little sweetie is high maintenance. Plus, he is not a very big complainer.

I won the title with Maddy's tonsils last winter. She told me she was having trouble breathing. Well, it's because she had 2 boulders blocking her airway.

Amy said...

Oh no! I hope he's feeling 100% soon. Jake got pneumonia out of the blue a couple weeks ago! Very weird.