Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Happy Birthday & SPT

Happy Birthday-Jay!
Thank you for making me laugh.
Thank you for taking a bothersome situation and turning it into something memorable.
Thank you for seeing the lighter side of life.

After a wonderful lunch/ bookstore date Jay's car was having trouble. I was taking photos- of myself in the side mirror and of the poor car.

Our second car was having issues.

Jay cracked me up by jumping on top of the car and started posing.

It made the whole car situation funny.

And turned a could be cranky moment into something to laugh at.

Thank you for always finding the humor in the current situation.
You gave the gifts today. Happy Birthday.


Kristie said...

Your husband makes me laugh. :)

Happy Birthday Jay --- hope it was a wonderful one! PS. I ate some of the roasted pecans Alisa made for you to take to work. I'm warning you now .... if I ever come to your house and she has those lying around, you better hide them all. I don't care if its your birthday or not ... I'll hide them all in my purse and take them home for myself. :)

vgsmom said...

Happy Birthday Jay!! You always crack me up. Hope you had a great day! Clever SPT of you too Alisa.

Jim Smith said...

I love it...an happy birthday Jay!!!

Jay Spear said...

It was a happy day. I got to spend part of it with my best friend Alisa. I love you!