Thursday, September 17, 2009

Dinner #FAIL

Tonight I made a new dish from the Breakfast in Bed cookbook with the promising title "angel eggs."

They were not so heavenly.

I announced that I did not think I would be making these again.
One of mine said in a kind of slow long drug out sound, "ummmm, yeeeaaahh, I don't think so either."
Another one said "well if we were all out of every other kind of food I would eat this."
Then a third announced, "Hey, we could just go to Cuppies and Joe!"
And then the fourth just sat there.

I am so glad that we had this for dinner and were able to forget about the whole experience with some of smitten kitchens snickerdoodle cookies that I had the good fortune to make earlier today. I would have hated to start the day with "hell's eggs."


vgsmom said...

I don't know what "hell's eggs" turned out to be but if your cookies looked like the Smitten Kitchen--those were best looking snickedoodles ever.

Amy said...

I like the cupcake suggestion. That is a dinner solution I can believe in. :)

hillary said...

You crack me up. "Hell's eggs" I have made interesting dinners before and have gotten about the same response. Or sometimes, Max just askes what I am making for dinner before I start it, and suggests we should get pizza. ?

Lene said...

I have had recipes that resulted in cold cereal for dinner.