Tuesday, September 22, 2009

SPT- what I did this summer

I loved Lelly's idea to take a look back at our photos to see what we did this summer! And I loved that I found a real SP from June that kind of sums up how I feel when I think about this summer. Now what did I do? I remember when I took this photo that we were trying to go somewhere, and there was lots of noise, and it seemed like lots of kids, and lot of stuff to take the the car and it seemed like I had lots on my mind. This photo makes me laugh. Like just looking at it makes me break out into one of those grins, that grows into a giggle that is followed by a chuckle.
I have had fun going through our photos to see what we did this summer, and realized I hardly blogged any of it! Oh summer vacation memories here we come!

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Lene said...

I love that photo. The problem is that the summer just went by way too fast!