Monday, October 19, 2009

I would give up chocolate but I am not a quitter

Great read for a monday morning! Who knew that it could actually be so great for us!
(saw it from Stacy Julian!)
It gave me a chuckle and think of someone very dear who once complained when I suggested we cut back on our milk consumption "don't take away one of my only joy's in life!"
Only he likes his milk better with chocolate in it!
Sounds like a great excuse to pick up another gallon, and a new container of Quick- I will ask Tucker to help me remember to get it the next time we go to the store.


vgsmom said...

I like it!! I've never used it after a workout, but I have a half a glass of chocolate milk before bed almost every night.

Rebecca said...

They had chocolate milk after our is actually a pretty common thing...and very yummy.
Supposedly the half marathon that I am running in just under 3 weeks serves a full meal afterward...that should be interesting!

Alisa said...

Are you hungry after running that long? I know I am STARVING after labor and delivery, and I feel like I have run a marathon- anything like that?

janelle said...

I am definitely going to be doing this today after my workout!!