Sunday, October 18, 2009

Creepy Crawly Contest Winner!

The creepy crawly we saw and caught and then let go back out into the backyard, (I KNOW!) was indeed a Oklahoma Brown Tarantula. Randy was spot on-

I decided to do two winners. I took the total number of comment's and drew for the winner. SO-

Amber! Email me
alisaspear at gmail dot com

And the winner for guessing Tarantula was:


Now for a little odd tidbit of info- why I spelled Tarantula "tarantella."
When I was younger I took piano lessons. There was a song called "tarantella" and I remember there being a picture of a bunch of dancers on it. I wondered at the time if there was a spider (the "tarantella!") scaring all the dancers. In all my young wisdom I figured where else would they have come up with a spiders name to title the song!
I will come back tonight and tell you why. Very silly reason.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Ick. Sometimes I think it would be good to live way, way, way North where it is too cold for creepy, crawly things. But I guess polar bears are dangerous, too. But brown tarantulas in the yard. Definitely creepy.

Lene said...

Still icked out by the size of that spider. I can't believe you let it go in your backyard, but really what are you going to do? Squish it with a shoes?!?

Amy said...

Haha! Yay I won! :) I remember catching a tarantula in my friends ATV helmet when we were teenagers. He would never wear that helmet again. lol