Thursday, October 15, 2009


Gray is the color of my clothes and of the weather but not my mood. I spent yesterday wearing the hood of my shirt up. I was cold. Last night after a full day of wearing it, Jay asked if it was my new solution to not doing my hair. It was not the intent, but it sure did work!
When its gray and chilly for more than a few days I have to fight the mood. It takes work to not give in to the grumpy gloom. Lots of light, good scents, music ... it takes me a while to focus.
What works for you to lift you out of the gloom?


vgsmom said...

The tanning bed. The illusion of sunshine.

Jenn said...

When the sun came out today, I almost cried tears of joy!

your mom said...

Janelle and I both have light therapy lamps. Remember? Robin suggested that I get mine back out after 2 weeks of no sunshine.