Saturday, October 24, 2009

This? No, this? No, this? Well what about this?

He has the sickness. I am not naming it but it sure seems he has it- or had it. He is finally fever free after a 4 day run of it. But he still sounds all congested. That combined with his normal three year old talk, makes it comical with the things he says. Or the things I think he says.

Tucker was crying as I was putting him to bed. Crying for his ribbons. Sure, I use a lot of ribbon but I did not realize he had become so attached to them. After several minutes of: no, not tonight, no I am not going to give you any ribbons, the light bulb went off in my brain and Tucker finally got his point across.

He was crying for his weapons.

Not only did I have to soothe him for not understanding him, but I then had to soothe him for my sudden laughter that scared him when I finally figured out what he wanted. And then soothe him some more when I couldn't figure out which weapon he wanted. You know, there is the problem of not understanding the words such as, gun sounds like nun- but then there is the whole repurposing-of-household-objects-to-make-them-into-whatever-weapon-I-want-at-the-moment problem. It could be anything!

I gave in- and just let him show me what he wanted.
The re-purposed ribbon-I mean weapon of choice that started and ended all the crying?
A long handled windshield brush/scraper that he had swiped from the car.

Woa- good thing we figured that out! I will sleep better knowing that if there is danger I am protected.


Kristie said...

Yeah, except he'll be too congested to attack any burglar! :) Hope he is feeling tons better soon ...

Amy said...

I think Tucker left one of his 'ribbons' at our house. It's a little wooden dowel. I'll have Jake bring it to Jay next time he's in the city. :)