Friday, October 23, 2009

dinner and 7-11

Last Friday night it was our pleasure to go have dinner and play 7-11 with our friends the Smiths.
I asked Savanna if it was a little strange for us to be in "her territory"- and she was a really good sport with having her family at her friends house.

Our family seemed especially loud and it was not the last time over the weekend that I felt like our family was a circus!

But the Smiths were so kind to put up with us all, and made everyone feel included.

Jim helped me with my camera

and he even took some shots of his own.

We played 7-11- and I tried to take photos and jot down notes.

I mentioned the game when I posted here, and I received a few questions on how to play. Lori was the one who taught Savanna and I how to play so it seemed fitting to include them on my attempt to explain the game.
So now I will try and give some round about directions. Anyone- please feel free to add any more directions/questions in the comments!

Deck of Skipbo cards:
Every player gets 8 cards. Without looking at the cards place them face down. Everyone turns any 3 of their cards over.
Point of the game is to have the least amount of points.
pairs cancel out
skipbo , Seven's and Elevens =0
quad of anything equals -20

Turns- draw from discard pile or top of the other deck or skip.
Trade out with 1 that is already up, or replace one that is face down or skip.

Start thinking of what the opponets need next to you and then don't put that card down.

First one with all cards turned over ends the game, and starts adding up points.

click photo for larger image
Jenna's total for this game was 6. The seven, eleven, skibo's and the pair of two's all were zero.

Then everyone goes around taking one last turn then flipping over remianing cards and adding up points.
Keep playing as many rounds as you wish.
You can play this with a large group or small. All together as a group, or breaking down into smaller ones and rotating the winners/ or losers around the tables, and then having the winners play one game at the end.
It is even fun to play with just two people.

Thanks to Lori for teaching us this game- and to the whole Smith family for having our circus over!


Kim Sue said...

ok...we are going to try it! thanks for trying to explain it.

vgsmom said...

Don't play with Jack he'll beat you big time. I definitely need a rematch. We hada great time. Thanks for coming.