Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Zuckerman's famous pig

I was going to write yesterday about how I thought things were getting so much better around here. Jay was home from being out of town since last Thursday. Tucker was back up and feeling fine- so much so that he tried to turn our family prayer time into a game of red rover. (What is it with boys and their need to bust through things?- Why does a family kneeling & holding hands send a signal to their brains- must-break-through!)
I had finally made it out of the house for some much needed air and errands.
And then.
The school called. It was the nurse. Another one down. This time its Luke.

I immediately called our Dr. and asked to have the nurse call me. With Luke you just never know. They got him in first thing this morning.
He has tested positive for fine swine, has a sinus infection and is on the way to pneumonia again.

We are currently well stocked in Motrin/Tylenol, Lysol, and Clorox Wipes.

I am tired. It was proven to me how tired, when I opened a correspondence with our schools principal and realized I had misspelled my own last name. I am completely embarrassed, and am blaming it on being tired.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Ohhhhhh noooooooooooooo, not another one.

In the words of Charlotte, "This must be SOME PIG."

April said...

I'm so sorry! I am hoping it all gets better for you soon.

Tara said...

That's awful! I thought I had a bad day!

Veronica said...

I hope you are able to get some rest! Hope everyone gets healthy and stays healthy.

Kristie said...

I say use it as an excuse to rest with him and take a much-needed nap for yourself!! Hope he's feeling better soon and you can avoid it yourself (and Jay, and Savannah .....)

janelle said...

he reminds me of Alex in this picture. I'm sorry I don't live in the basement. I would be able to help.

Meghan said...

I am so sorry. I hope all goes well.

hillary said...

Forget about the flu comments, Luke is so darn cute in that picture.

Sorry you have the punies at your house.