Friday, November 6, 2009

November Blessing a day 2009-6

I am thankful to be home with Tucker. I am thankful for the outings we get to take together.
I am thankful to be the one who gets to teach him and see him all day long. I am thankful I am the one that gets to try and decipher what he is saying all day. (Like today- going to the zoo and how the animal he wanted to see was "optimus rhinus." Translation? A hippopotamus and a rhinoceros or rhino for short.)

I want to be the one that is home with him, but I am sometimes drained and tired.
I admit that there are challenging days. Age three seems to be more difficult than age two. He wants to be so independent! But won't use the toilet. He wants to walk by himself around the store. But he won't stay with me. (I lost him twice at Walmart.) He wants to buckle himself into his own carseat. But he won't stay buckled. And, and! he is starting to throw some pretty big tantrums.

Although it can be draining, and I sometimes crave some adult conversation it does not make me any less grateful. I wouldn't change being the one that is with him. I would miss so much if I were not here. I would miss him.

I have had several people this week ask me about what I plan on doing when he starts school. A few have even started to plan things out for me. One person asked me to pray about a part time job. I am not concerned with any of that. I have plenty of things, that when the time comes, I will be able to do, that I have postponed the last 12 years.

Right now I am enjoying my time. I am oh so thankful for it.


Kristie said...

I agree. Despite the dirty diapers and tantrums, I really miss those days. :)

jarrleckie said...

That's EXACTLY how I feel!

3boysmom said...

It's like you read my mind! Three is a difficult age, but oh so fun at the same time! I too am so thankful to be the one raising my kids. Some days are harder than others, but I wouldn't trade it for anything on the world.

I've had people wonder what I'm going to do when Cale goes to school too. Somehow I still think I'll be just as busy with all three in school, probably busier actually, even if I don't get a "real" job!

Tara said...

I liked reading this... I feel the same way too! It's so fun to watch them learn and grow, and more days are good than bad, but it can be difficult! I love being with my kids too, I'm so thankful that I can do it. Thanks for reminding me!