Saturday, November 7, 2009

November Blessing a day 2009-7

I am thankful for service. I have been the recepient of service time after time after time. Some times there are big acts of service and other times small. Today I have witnessed kind acts between family members, sacrificing time for each other. Staying up late cleaning up when it wasn't their job. Sometimes its just the offer of service that makes a difference. Our friends have been extremely gracious with us in sharing their time and talents and all that they have. Such wonderful examples of Christlike love.

I often feel like there is no way to repay others for the kindness extended to me. I try and serve others, giving of my time, or acting on a thought when it comes to mind, but most often I feel like I am coming up short. There is not a way to keep score. I will always feel behind! I have to remind myself the good feelings I get, when I am helping someone are the same feelings that someone else is getting when they help me. My" payback" may not necessarily be to someone who has just served me, it may be more of a "pay it forward" to someone else. Maybe that person helps someone, who will help the person who originally served me. I have to believe that.

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