Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas memories

Remembering this Christmas Season:
(memories and photos in random order and not necessarily connected together)

All the kids making each others gifts- how much thought and preparation put into each one, and how excited they were to give them to one another.

After Tucker had made and wrapped his gifts I asked him to go put them under the tree. Jay and I watched as he walked into the family room and "hucked" them at the tree as if to say, there you go!

Luke adoring the present we almost did not give him.

The surprise for Jack and Savanna of something they were not expecting.

Finishing making the kids presents from me until the wee hours of the morning- having the needle break on the sewing machine on the very last stitch, and sighing in frusrtation and elation at the same moment.

Having the wire fit the frame exactly as I needed it too without planing it.

Giving Tucker my rocking chair from when I was little. Sewing the back pad for it and assembling the seat. How he had accidently seen it in the garage over the last week, (before it was reupholstered) and how cute he thought the little chair was. How he said it would be good for him.

The snow that forced us to stay home and not run any "last-minute" errands on Christmas Eve. How staying home is really what we needed to do anyway.

A Christmas just our family. Different. Not bad, but different.

Sleeping in on Christmas Morning!?! Having to wake up the youngest littles. A first ever I think!

Having it be daylight when we came downstairs to open presents.

Having breakfast finished cooking in the oven before we were even finished. Pausing after Santa gifts for a bite before we opened our gifts to one another.

Changing rooms that we spend Christmas morning in.

Luke and Jack spending the whole morning on into the afternoon and then into the evening with legos- and how patient they were with Tucker for the first few hours, but towards the end his "breaking" is getting old.

My "pearl" necklace from Luke- so thats where all the buttons went!

Yummy food- so easily prepared and easy to snack on all day. Not spending the day cooking.
Candlelight Christmas Eve Dinner.

Watching the entire "Sing off" series with the family on Hulu.

Getting a HUGE package from Grandma and Grandpa- nothing beats getting real mail and having that real mail be Christmas presents from Grandparents!

Having our annual caroling party

How after watching Prep and Landing Tucker did not want his tree lights on. How he had big huge tears and a pouty turned down lip quiver and asking for us to "give the tree the attic." (can't you just picture the ladder and opening to the attic like one giant mouth taking things?!)

Snow drifts on the window for real. Not canned sprayed on, not shoe polish. The real deal.

Having a real white Christmas. How fun.

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