Monday, December 7, 2009

Red Envelope- December 7th

Yelling up the chimney to Santa.

I have fond memories of making a Christmas wish list and then yelling up the chimney my list with my brother and sisters.
The idea is that the smoke from the fire carries your wishes all the way to the North Pole.

It was fun to watch Tucker tonight. He was not sure at first. I called out, youngest to oldest, Tucker you go first. He walked to the fireplace then quickly walked away and said "no." We asked if Luke should go first and show him what to do. He quickly agreed that would be good.
So Luke went first.

He was quick. Only one wish- Lego Indian Jones

After watching Luke- Tucker was confident.

He yelled up- "all Thomas the train things" then yelled up his name. It was the best he has prounced his name yet. It did not sound the least bit like lo mein or domain, because he did not say his first and middle name. Just his first and last. It sounded kind of like "ta-beer."

Then there is Jack- he felt like he was a pro and started rattling off his wish list.

Legos star wars Indiana Jones, or pretty much any other type that "would suit me best." "Especially any that would be hard for me to save up for."

Then Savanna went ahead ... you know you have to let your wishes be known.

Who would say no to letting Santa know what you want? Pretty normal 12 year old stuff was on her list.

It is always fun to hear what the kids want. It is fun to hear if it differs from what they told the mall Santa the week before. Its even way more fun to compare these two list ideas to the several more that will change day after day over the next few weeks up until the night before Christmas. It sure keeps that Santa on his toes!


Lene said...

I love that tradition. It makes me wish I had a fireplace.

hillary said...

I have a fireplace but it is a Gassy kind. That wouldn't work. I love those pictures and the wishes.

Tara said...

What a cute idea! I'd like to do that if we have a fireplace someday. Or maybe I'll just bring the kids over to your house to yell in your chimney/fireplace. =) Hey, thanks for telling me I'm normal. I needed that.

Veronica said...

That is such a cool idea. BTW- tried to comment on your new blog, it wouldn't let me!