Tuesday, December 8, 2009

SPT- December 1st, 8th

December SPT-
December 1st- with Jack (and the rest of the crew) at the mall for our Red envelope activity- free lego build at the mall.

December 8th-
I would love to know what Dr. Cal Lightman (from lie to me) has to say about this one ...


Kristie said...

I just realized this is the second (third?) spt in a row I've forgotten. Of course, not having a camera, I guess there's not a lot for me to do about it, ha! :)

Jim Smith said...

I love the Dr. Cal reference. Hmmmm...what were you thinking???

hillary said...

Alisa, how do you get prettier as you get older? I just get OLDER and more wrinkly. You are so darn cute,and I love your long hair (you know I don't usually love long).

That's all.