Saturday, January 2, 2010

caroling date

I was thinking back on this night and how excited Tucker was to go out with me. I was invited to go caroling to an assisted living center over the holidays. I told Tucker he could be my date, and go sing with me. But then we ended up going through dinner and our evening routine and getting him ready for bed. When it was time to go, Jack and Savanna were tired, Jay still was not feeling well, so I figured I would be going by myself.

Not so. He remembered. We hurriedly got him dressed and off we went to go caroling. He loved it. He danced and ran and visited with all the residents of the care center. He rode on their scooters and tried to sing the carols.

The two memories of this night that I will carry with me:
Tucker's complete and total excitement to go with me and the grin from ear to ear.
The residents (and Tucker) shaking their keys for bells when we sang "Jingle Bells."

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