Friday, January 1, 2010

Kind of like having two left feet only different

My first "official" post of 2010!

My allergies have been bugging me, and my eyes started to itch toward the end of the day yesterday. I went to go get ready for the evening and decided it was time to put in new contacts. I got those contacts out of my eyes and threw them in the trash and went to grab for a new pair. Only there was not a new pair. There were two right lenses but no left. I briefly thought about the implications of pulling the old pair out of the trash. Then decided I better just go with two rights. Which was interesting. I felt a little off kilter for the evening. It wasn't until this morning when I told Jay about it that he said ... "you know, you could have just worn your glasses ..."
Now why did I not think of that?!

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Lene said...

I would have done the same thing you did.