Monday, February 22, 2010

He loves the dentist too!

A few weeks ago Tucker had his first visit to the dentist and it was a huge success!
He looked so little in the chair. He seemed a little unsure at first.

But soon he was totally relaxed.

Kicked back in the chair.

Hanging out.

He had his teeth counted.

Then brushed.

Next it was time to floss.

Then Dr. Schmidt came in. Tucker was sure to tell him right off to not turn on his bright lights. He said he did not want his eyes to burn. Dr. Schmidt got Tucker some sunglasses and he was good to go!

Everything looked great. So it was time to go get a balloon.

Red of course.
Which was promptly let go in our two story entryway when we got home.

I have to say a big thank you to our dentist office. I switched our kids from another dentist in the city after too many rushed appointments, after Jack came home crying from one appointment, and being frustrated that I was not allowed back. Now our kids are back to enjoying going to the dentist.

Thank you Dr. Schmidt , Stephanie and the rest of the staff at Reflections Dental.
If you are looking for a new dentist, (and even if you aren't looking)
they are very conveniently located next to Orthodontic Associates.


Jim Smith said...

I love those dentist office photos!!!

Amy said...

Those are some cute pictures!

Your old dentist wouldn't allow you to go back into the rooms with the kids? Is that what that sentence means? That is bizarre! It sounds like you found a nice new dentist though.

We miss you guys!

Jay Spear said...

Great pics Alisa. I love that kid.

Kaleen said...

Hes SO cute - what a joy.

Kim Sue said...

maybe I need to change dentist