Tuesday, February 2, 2010

SPT- last week


I was feeling so happy- I went to the children's place to pick up some Sunday pants for Luke- and totally scored on their $3.99 sale, plus an extra 15% off. The first time I have been able to find all three boys pants, in the sizes I needed, at the same time. I can't say it big enough- I WAS THRILLED!!

I left the mall on a high and headed to the school to get the kids. Tucker fell asleep, and I felt glad he would be able to get about an hour or so nap in the car.

I was lining up the rest of my day in my mind as I picked up the boys. The petstore, run by the house, pick up Savanna, Walmart, then Sam's. Jack got in the car and said, "is everything alright?" I cheerfully said- "Absolutely! Why?"

Jack says to me, "Well the teacher told Luke to be nice to you, because you look stressed."

Huh? It made me wonder. How could I look stressed, when I was feeling so great? Maybe my "thinking" face can be confused with a stressed face? Maybe I don't smile enough?

Or maybe this teacher knows my kids very well.

Notice the teacher did not ask Jack to be nice. Maybe she was just giving Luke a little encouragement to go easy on his momma.

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