Tuesday, February 2, 2010

SPT-Frugal Luxury- revisited


Two weeks ago my SPT was about frugal luxuries.

I have fully enjoyed rethinking my winter- (not just January) and think that I need to continue this thinking throughout the remainder of the year. I seriously think it helped that we have been "snowed in" for a few days, and the kids have been home for the last six days. It may also have helped that Jay was working from home, and we had a weekend with a different church schedule due to the snow. Everything just slowed down.

I have sat in this position reading a book, watching a movie, finishing up our Christmas stockings, drinking hot chocolate, browsing the internet, chatting with the kids, for hours over the last six days. I have been able to catch up on things that bring me joy. That makes me a happier person. (duh!)

So now I have to make this happen throughout the rest of the year.
How do you do it?

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