Monday, March 1, 2010

Unexpected Surprise

Last Thursday night I got a call a little after five from Jay. We exchanged our normal evening pleasantries and then he asked, "So, guess what?"

My first guess was, "oh no, Jay was in an accident," then my second thought was "oh no, the little white car has finally bit the dust."

Surprise, surprise! Neither one of those things happened. It was good news!
Jay was given tickets for us to go see Elton John and Billy Joel that night!

This is how I felt ...

Jay had already called my Mom to see if she would be available to come over. Thankfully she was. Thankfully I had showered. I had almost stayed in my work out clothes all afternoon. I was thankful that I already had dinner in the crockpot.

So off we went. I think I made Jay more excited to go, by my enthusiasm.
We got there and exchanged our tickets for new seats. We were a bit unsure when we found out they were behind the stage. But when we got to our seats we were pleased to find out they were club seats. We were served drinks throughout the show, and the view was great. Since the pianos were placed at an angle we saw just as much as those in front did.
We could read the monitors, with the words to the music, so it was a bit like karaoke.

My favorite parts of the show were when Billy Joel played Oklahoma, when he played Still Rock & Roll to Me, and Only the Good Die Young back to back, hearing Elton John sing Bennie and the Jets and listening to everyone emphasize the "s."
The whole show was incredible- and we were happy to be tired the next morning. It was worth it.
My friends were there too-Lori won tickets!
Lori & Jim- check out what they had to say.
And just for the fun of it- Here is a link to Jim's video.

So fun to have unexpected surprises. SO glad that Jay's friend from work could not go, and that we had nothing else going on that night. We had just been saying we wanted to have a "real date." Hooray for dates!


Kim Sue said...

What a fabulous surprise!!

Amy said...

That's so great! I'm glad you guys had a good time! :)

janelle said...

I Cant begin to tell you how jealous I am. I wanted to go SOOOOO BADLY, I could taste it. Billy Joel will always remind me of the time I drove home with you and Shannon from Arkansas. Well was surprised for U2 and you were surprised for the BJ & EJ show. Hey I called you though