Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Snippets from life:

Wow! My lettuce looks like the shape of Africa.

Why don 't I get an M&M when I use the bathroom?

Oh look at those dog's, I want one of those. Look at that one climbing on the other dog's back. They are funny. I want one. (from the one who is terrified of dogs)

I am not going to school. I am not getting out of the car. (spoken by the one you would least expect to hear that from)

I don't want my apple all musty and wobbly.

What kind of Mom feeds their kids only a banana?

If there is anything I don't like, it is you being rude to me. (From one of my kids to me.)

Oh those dogs are funny to my eyes.

If we don't blow out that candle I am going to have to go stay in a hotel.

1 comment:

Kim Sue said...

Seriously, I think we should all get an m&m after we go potty!