Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What to eat Wednesday- Paul's Panini

A big part of any vacation is the food. And our spring break trip was no exception. Jay's Mom, and brother both share a love of preparing, cooking, and sharing food. When chatting with my Mom on the phone, instead of asking what we had been doing on our trip, she asked what we had been eating. She knows what a trip to visit Jay's family is like.

We had the "luck" to visit Jay's brother Paul and his family on St. Patrick's day for lunch. We were starving when we got to their house. That sneaky leprechaun left us some Lucky Charms, and that was all we had eaten. I was thrilled to find out that Paul was making Paninis.

I was glad Jay took plenty of photos- I knew this was a sandwich we would want to try and duplicate.

Just follow along with the photos-
I don't even think I need to explain ...

Yummy ingredients
That is fresh basil, not lettuce, just in case you were wondering

I even liked the tomatoes! Shocker. Paul likes to get small ones so they are firmer.
Another great reason to pick up a Rotisserie chicken.

The sauce. Yum. Paul says that he takes a" heap of mayo and then douses it to taste with chipotle Tabasco sauce."

Spread the sauce on both sides of the Cibatta loaf. Then add Mozzarella Cheese.

Next, start layering it all on top of one another.

Brush the top and bottom of the bread with olive oil

I love how the sauce slops over the side
Slice and put into the press- I am not lucky enough to have a Panini press- I do have a George Foreman grill-I think I will try and use that.

Then eat!

Oh Yum. This is the best sandwich. Better than Panera for sure!
So there you have it Mom. This is just one of the fantastic things we ate while vacationing!
That yummy bread mixed with the sauce and oh, the perfectly melted cheese.
I should not have waited to type this up so late!

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