Thursday, March 25, 2010

I would like to thank ....

Our city water department for today's endless entertainment.

For the last few months I have watched as our neighborhood has street-by-street had its water lines worked on. Knowing that sometime it would come down to our house, all I could think of was how inconvenient it would be. How bad our lawn would look. How much dust I would have in our house. How big of a mess it would be.

Not once did I think that it would provide hours of entertainment. Hours.

Tucker and I opened the door this morning to lots of trucks and diggers. We came home from our vacation and work had already been started. But this morning we got to watch them work. I left for a while and came back to see a ladder coming up out of a hole in our front yard.

We had to go and check it out-
We talked to one of the workers- he mentioned that this would be going on for weeks ...

Tucker talked about it all day. To anybody that would listen.
He told everyone about the big hole.

We came home and the hole was gone. I guess they refill it every day.
Here is where the hours of entertainment comes.
Really. Hours.

If you go back up and scroll through really fast, you can almost hear the sounds Tucker made as he moved all the trucks.

Thank you to the city water department. Take as long as you want. This is better than any sandbox that we could build.


Tim Watson said...

Excellent pics. I think we need to get Tuck and Christian together again. Ask Jay to tell you the McD's story.

Kristie said...

You should seriously print out wallets of these photos and send the whole thing (story, too) to the City. I bet they would get a kick out of it! :)

Anonymous said...

I would have been the mom that was telling the kids to just stay away from the mess. Some day I'll grow up to be a fun mom like you.

Amy said...

Oh my goodness, he looks like he is having the best time! It's good to be a kid in dirt!

Lene said...

That is a boy's dream come true!

Kim Sue said...

wow that is some serious red clay/ makes me think of playing softball when i was in high school. we traveled to a couple of place where the dirt on their fields was red. i can remember that my uniform was never the same after those games. you just can't get red clay out!