Friday, March 26, 2010

What we ate and drank on vacation-2

Given that I already posted about our wonderful Panini's from Jay's brother Paul for my What to Eat, I think I will call that one, this two, and then just hop scotch around in no particular order to the others. I am throwing all order to the wind. This is a big branch out for my chronological thinking mind.

When we decided we were going to go to Colorado Springs to visit for Spring Break, I hoped we would be able to make it to Denver for Jay and I to attend the temple together. We had not been back to that temple since we were married in 1995.

Now here is where we see what truly motivates me. Sad to say, its food.

Jay messaged me the week before we left to say that there was a Cafe Rio open in Denver. It had just opened up this winter. I was ECSTATIC! I went from hoping to go to Denver to planning to go to Denver! We. Were. Going.

For anyone that lives close to one and see's this as no big deal, you can just come back tomorrow. This is where I go on and on about how wonderful Cafe Rio is and how much I miss it.

When Jay and I lived in Provo, UT, we had a tandem bike that we would ride to a certain sandwich shop on holidays. It was what we did.

Then we had kids and we would drive to a certain sandwich shop on holidays.

Then Cafe Rio opened up. And we never went back to the sandwich shop.

It was the place for us to go. If I was going out with girlfriends that was where we went. If we were going out as a family that was where we went. If Jay and I were going on a date that was where we went. If someone was visiting from out of town, yup, that was where we went.

We moved away from Utah in 2002- it has been that long since I have eaten at Cafe Rio.

Here we are 8 years later. Eight cafe rioless years.

We made it to the temple. Lovely.
Then we met friends for dinner.

Even better to share it with friends!
We went. We ate. We were happy.

It was just like I remembered. But bigger. Delicious. Those tortillas, and the lime, and the guac, and those little tortilla strips on top, the black beans, and the chicken. combined with the creamy ranch. Mmm.

I was so happy- I did not even take a photo. Not a single one of the food! I KNOW!

The salad still tastes better when somebody else makes it. I can try and duplicate it, but nothing beats the real thing.


Veronica said...

Next time we go down to the temple we'll have to go there! I hope you were in Colorado during the period of spring we had before winter came back in.

Karey said...

My sister-in-law has a really good copycat recipe on her blog: You can look up Cafe Rio and it will come up.
I usually agree that food tastes better when someone else prepares it, but with Cafe Rio, I actually like this recipe better than the original!

hillary said...

I don"t take it for granted. I still get giddy when I go there. I'm glad you got to have the real thing.

Neighbor Jane Payne said...

That is quite possibly the cutest picture of you!

Someday...someday...we are going to meet eye to eye.