Tuesday, April 20, 2010

SPT-give me break


Lelly's challenge?

"come on, we all need one... that hour we use to splurge on a massage or a pedicure, that workout at the gym, those fifteen minutes when we hide in the bathroom while our families lie in wait just outside the door..."

"what do YOU do when you need a breather? please share. "

When I need a break?

Chocolate (I am stockpiling those Cadbury eggs- Yes, I have calculated the calories in each delicious egg.)

Water (preferably swimming, but a hot bath will do)


Not necessarily in that order.


Jill said...

I didn't stock pile any Cadbury eggs (what was I thinking?) so that's a serious bummer. Do NOT tell me how many calories are in each egg. I have a strict policy of NEVER looking at the fat/calorie info on the back of treats otherwise they're ruined for me.

lelly said...

that little dish of eggs is adorable... i doubt i could eat just one!

Lene said...

How smart to stockpile. I didn't buy one bag this year, I knew I didn't have the control to have them around.

Kaleen said...

Take a nap!

Hey - we were in SLC this weekend, we did a drive down memory lane on our way home. Saw your home in Provo, stopped at Dawn D's (they werent home). Kiel really wanted to see her, he remembers sitting with her in sacrament eating M&M's. Drove to Payson, saw your other home. Ohhh the good times we had. Parker is now eleven, time does fly!