Tuesday, April 13, 2010

SPT-Weather or not


Lelly's challenge?
"weather or not"

Thankfully today was great weather. Perfect for Tucker and I to go with Luke for a 1st grade field trip to the zoo.

As I walked around with a stroller full of stuff, (without a child in it most of the time!) in my sandals, I thought of how much the weather will change by next month this time. I love how it feels right now. (minus the allergies, but seriously, is there a time of year that we don't have that?!)

Right now I can't imagine snow, or rain, or dreary days, or days of muggy, sticky, humidity or 100+ temps. It feels just right.

Excuse me while I go knock on wood.


Janna said...

Feild trips are fun!

great pictures

& it nice to visit your blog.
I am a fellow spt too

Crit said...

Spring is AWESOME but I quite enjoy high temps and humidity because it means the ocean is warm enough to swim in! ha!

Love the SPT and keep enjoying springtime in your area.

Lene said...

We are enjoying the most perfect weather right now also.