Monday, April 12, 2010

A rare event

Sometimes an event occurs that is so rare, it's with recording.

For about 6 hours today starting around 2:00 PM, all the laundry hampers stayed empty, and the wash & ironing was caught up.

Just had to document that occurence. I wondered if anyone else experienced that phenomenon. It will surely be a while before I experience that again.


Kristie said...

You are my hero. :)

Reg said...

I did that once and realized I needed more hangers! I know. I know! Good job!

Layne Bushell said...

ha ha ha! That happened to me last week (it was Marin's baptism and I just wanted to know it was done, even though no one would go upstairs and see it was all done). Only took me 6 hours. And Nat came into my room and said, "Hey, where's that?" Pointing to the space where the ironing board usually goes. I told her it was put away. Truly, she was shocked!!!!!