Tuesday, April 6, 2010

SPT-What's New?


Lelly is back with a challenge ... and I have missed her weekly spt postings!

"what better way to ease back into the spt routine than to kick off with an easy "challenge?" it's been long enough that i feel like having a little homecoming party. would you like to come?!?

you don't need to bring anything and please don't stress out about what to wear. it'll just be a gathering of friends, doing what friends do... sharing stories about what is new in life.

go ahead: snap that photo!! tell us what you're doing today - a few words, a few sentences, a few paragraphs... it doesn't matter. but make sure that beautiful self-portrait is front and center!!"

What is new in my life?
Counting, and adding and dividing calories of all my recipes and tracking my physical activity and entering them into my "Lose it!" app.

This is taking some mental gymnastics to add an entire recipes ingredients when they are weird amounts. I am constantly doing story problems in my head, and sometimes saying them out loud.

As I track I am amazed at how many countless calories I could be consuming.
Some are totally not worth it.
Others totally are.
I am learning much- it reminds me a lot of getting out of debt. I can use those same ideas towards better health.

So what is new with you?
Did you do a SP?


Lene said...

I have that app. And I haven't been very good at using it lately. I need to get back to it...before I have to go and buy bigger clothes!

Veronica said...

Are you going to post calorie counts with your recipes now?