Thursday, May 27, 2010


End of the year field trips!
Year end awards!
Smiling children!
Last day of school!
First day of Summer!

Sometime I will blog it.

I was so proud of myself ... I had found the surveys that I had the kids take at the beginning of school. Then I lost them. Then I found them in time to put them with the end of the school year ones. Then I misplaced BOTH of them. Blah! I am dropping so many balls, I look like the ball pit at McDonalds!

I have put myself on a blog break until I file all the take home papers from the kids, and I find the desk. Or the surveys. Whichever comes first.

Be back in a bit.


Neighbor Jane Payne said...

Here's to your success! I hope it doesn't take you long to find them...I'd hate to have you gone long.

Kristie said...

That's how I feel about my scrapbooking table .... you know its bad when the cat has started laying on TOP of the albums.