Wednesday, June 2, 2010

No F in Art

We have been having issues.
And a lot of fun.
Issues + Fun= no computer time

Issues: Sunday night storm blew our router,our modem, our cordless phones and our PC (thankfully not the Mac!)
Fun: Piano recital, Memorial Day weekend at my Mom's attended by all of my side of the family, swimming, more swimming, eating, getting Savanna ready for girls camp, some more eating, fire pit, late nights.

I totally planned on writing about the kids last day of school, and their answers from the surveys that I found when I cleaned things up,and everything else that happened last week. But this mornings story comes first. I guess I will take the advice to start current.

I could hear someone in my studio (or art room- as some of the kids call it) this morning moving things around. Then I could hear a punching sound. Kind of like the way my paper cutter sounds when I slap the bar down and then punch the paper with the blade. I heard it over and over again. Then Tucker came out and announced:

"Mom, I arted."

Then held this up.
A friend had given us a bunch of cardboard sheets, for the kids to make things with.

Tucker took a pencil to each one.

Then poked holes all over.

He "arted."


Layne Bushell said...

Soooo cute! What a great story!! We're in school til July 2! Enjoy your summer!

Lene said...

My kids like to art.