Thursday, May 6, 2010

Blogging Etiquette

I am joining in a panel discussion next week on blogging.

Will you share your thoughts with me?

How do you feel about blogging? Why do you blog/not blog? Are you a commenter? If so, do you comment all the time? Why/Why not?
If you blog, how do you feel about your comment section?
Have you had any negative experiences with blogging?
What about the positive side?

What do you think the rules are regarding "blogging etiquette?"

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Thanks in advance


Kristie said...

I began to blog because it was cheap therapy during a family crisis. Then I continued blogging when the crisis was over because I enjoyed it. Now I blog out of sense of obligation and I feel pretty sure the end of my blogging road is out there. Not certain how far away, but my kids are getting older and I am running out of cute and funny things to share.

I also find myself resenting the time and energy it takes to blog, when I've discovered new projects I'd like to spend my time on, or old (favorite) projects that often get pushed to the side because there are only so many hours in the day.

Comments --- best thing I ever did was set up moderator approval on all comments so if someone types something rude (and yes, it has happened as recently as a few weeks ago) now it never sees the light of day. Whereas before, other commenters might respond before I even saw the original comment and things did (thankfully not often, but on occasion) spiral out of control.

My pet peeve negative, which again, has thankfully not happened often, is when I find something *I* wrote on someone else's blog without credit or any kind of link. Again, this has only happened a few times, and each time it was something taken off my original blog regarding leukemia treatment ..... but wow, did it ever annoy me.

Veronica said...

I enjoy blogging. It seems to be cathartic for me. I blog to: 1) easily share what goes on in my little family with my extended family who live far away, 2) have a family journal that when I have a hard mommy day I can look back and see all the good things that are in my life 3) it helps me recognize the fun thing, "I have to blog about that!" comes to mind often.

I'm not really a commenter, unless I have something valuable to say about someone's post. I do have a few exception to that rule. I only comment often on a blog if a friend has said, in passing, that they love comments or they hate that they never get any comments.

As for my comment section... it is pretty sparse. I have had a problem with someone posting an ad on my blog, so annoying. That's when I learned to delete comments. I had never ventured into any comment moderation.

I agree with Kristie that it would totally annoy me to find something that I posted on another blog without asking or a link.

Tara said...

I don't use people's last names if they don't on their own blog. I also agree that you need to give people credit if you are using something off of their blog.

Veronica said...

I also ask someone for permission before I put pictures of their kids on my blog.

Alisa said...

Thanks to everyone who has commented or emailed me in regards to blogging. I appreciate you taking part in my discussion!