Wednesday, May 19, 2010

My 37th birthday recap- or- The story of the corsage

My birthday really was great. I had fun birthday packages in the mail the day before.
I had decorations ...

A delicious breakfast ...

Surprise little packages

Lots of email freebies ...

Sonic, CVS, Baskin Robbins and Godiva Chocolate!

My mom surprised me with a drink and a new apron then stayed to visit for a while.
My sister Janelle showed up and the three of us visited. It was nice to have an afternoon of chatting. Without all of my kids around. I was glad to have a free day with nothing planned so that we could just sit and visit.
I had calls, and emails, and cards from friends. I went and picked up flowers for my front yard, and a friend dropped off a beautiful Dahlia.

But the best gift of the day?

A corsage-
All wrapped in a box waiting for me in the fridge yesterday morning.

I had told Jay recently that I thought we should start celebrating all holidays with a corsage. We laughed about it. But he did not forget.

He went and bought wire and ribbon. Then at midnight he snipped off one of the two Peonies that were outside. He brought it in and started creating the birthday corsage. Right as he started wiring the whole thing together he realized that the table was being covered by little tiny bugs. Crawling out of the flower. He quickly got rid of the bloom and then set out to "make" another flower. Out of a napkin. Then he put a small bug free flower in the center.

I laughed and laughed. And wore it proudly. I think its my favorite birthday gift ever.


Rebecca said...

Love the corsage...and love the bug story. It makes it all so much more fun! Hope you have a great year to come!

hillary said...

Happy Birthday friend. I wish I could celebrate with you. Our birthdays are super close.

What a cute hubby you have. He's so sweet.