Thursday, March 4, 2010

Another transplant success?

I was so happy about this last week. But I did not share what was kind of making me just a little sad.
This photo.
It is just feet away from the budding bush. It did not look too well. All dead. I had really hoped this would make it too. It is my Nana's Peony Bush. I transplanted it at the same time as the lilac's. I hoped to have big blooms like this someday.

I just might!
Today I went out to look at the lilac bush and I took a closer look at the Peony Bush.

Something caught my eye.

A bunch of little shoots. Shooting up! I sure hope they are the promise of life for this little bush. I
can hardly believe that what I thought was mostly dead is really alive! Amazing.


Urban Tangerine said...

That is a miracle. Isn't life amazing? I love spring. I hope it is full of blossoms for you.

Amy said...

My peonies were always a bundle of dead sticks in winter, but those little red shoots always showed up! I'm glad yours made it through! I have a 'family plant' that has been around in various cuttings since my great great aunt owned it! It's a snake plant/mother-in-law's tongue plant though, so those can survive anything.