Tuesday, May 13, 2008

SPT-something new

This month Lelly suggested:

tuesday, may 6 something old
tuesday, may 13 something new
tuesday, may 20 something borrowed
tuesday, may 27 something blue

take it literally, take it figuratively, but by all means, make a commitment to complete all four challenges for the month of may!
(this is my self portrait- I am in between showers- holding a poor little sick boy and I am thinking about the items on the table that look like they are right above my head)

Well this probably should have gone under the "old" but they are new to me, and I just had to document the story.

There is an understanding throughout my family that if our Nana offers something, you just take it.
It does not matter what it is. Just take it.

She is 92 years old, and likes to save stuff.
In fact when somebody asked if my Nana had something, my Grandaddy said "if it ever made its way into this house, then its still here!"

On several occasions she has given me things that I can actually use like a pie plate or bowl, or that my kids love to play with, like old clothes for dress ups.
Sometimes there are things that I really have no use for, and those things get donated.
Other times I get food.

My daughter said it best as we carried armload after armload of old food to the car,

"Mom? We are not really going to eat any of this are we?"

"No, No. Don't worry dear. It is all going to the trash." I said.

But the last trip in my Nana opened up the spice cabinet and started handing me these beautiful old spice tins.
I loved them.
And then she said- "Before you go buy any "NEW" spices call me and I will just give you what I have. I just love giving you things because I know you will use them, you don't just throw them away."

OOPS- Somehow I kind of felt exposed. Like she "knew" what I was going to do.
Although I know she didn't.
She really thinks that I am going to use the food and the spices.
The old outdated tins covered in rust.

Well I am not throwing away the spice tins.
They are just too cool.
I will find some use for them- and then I can honestly say that I have used the stuff she has given me!


Angela Hodge said...

I loved the pictures you took of the spices. Just think, they are probably the same ones she used when i was growing up¡ Earlene says that she is just like their "mama."
She lived to be 94. Good thing that you've been through my spices already. Its saving savanna alot of work later.

Courtney said...

I love those spice cans!!! They are so cool, so old, but so cool! Yeah, I'd stay away from actually using the spices...let us know what you do decide to do with those tins!

Melanie said...

That is so fun. We had a crazy lady living behind us in our last home, whom I loved with all of my heart, as did my young son who was a lot like your Grandma. I husband would just roll his eyes and say what did Doreen bring this time, but I loved her all the more for her quirks!

Bren's Life said...

Those are so cute. I wouldn't throw them away either. I have to agree that I don't think I'd be using it though. That is just too funny that she gives you stuff all teh time & what your daughter said. My mom does the same thing, and she isn't that old...
That's so sweet that she thinks of you though!

Bren's Life said...

Oh - I wanted to tell you. When you go to Disneyland make sure you ride the ride in CA Adventures that goes straight up & had the scream guards on it.. It is the funnest ride ever. Promise!!
You guys are going to have so much fun. And one more thing. If you have to wait more then 20 mins for the Finding Nemo Submarine, it's definately not worth it... Just a few tidbits... Have a Great Time!

Jeanette said...

I have relatives like that too. Maybe if I keep graciously taking the "junk" someday I'll come across some treasure too. Those spice tins are fabulous!

Dacia said...

Wow, there are still spices in those? Love the cans they are way cool for decorating.

Chris said...

Those spice tins are great! How fun. You can't find those kinds of things anymore, good display somewhere.

Michelle A. said...

Alisa - those spice containers are one of kind! So awesome. Your grandmother sounds like a gem. Your story was really sweet!

Bahama Shores Mama: said...

Those spice containers would look AWESOME in my kitchen........or yours, I guess :)

Lene said...

The spice tins are amazing. I can't believe there are still spices in there. How fun deciding what to do with them. You do have to share when you figure it out.

Anonymous said...

This is fantastic! I love that it is understood that you just take what she offers- that is so how it was with my great grandma. How cool to have something that was hers that can be art in your home. Love it.

Holly said...

Oooh! Those spice tins are beautiful. It's so sweet how she shares things with you, and you do *use* them--maybe just in a different way than she intended.

Laurie said...

I can completely relate to this! Cool tins, and at least you're getting use from them already.

Bren's Life said...

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You can email me at brenwhiz@cox.net if you want too

Sarah said...

One of my Grandma's had food in her fridge that expired at least 15 years ago. I'm not sure where she puts any of the new stuff. Those tins are really cool. I have never seen any like them. I would also keep them. Sorry your little one is sick.

Anonymous said...

They are so neat looking. What a treasure. I love that your daughter knew the food was old. It's funny what grandparents save and save.

Jenn said...

O.K., sometime you really scare me, ya know! My 81 year old grandmother is constantly giving me things that I have no use for!! Her saying is, "I loves this (such and such item), and want to keep it in the family." Ryan and I now use that phrase as an inside joke! But the cans are cool - made me giggle to think she really thought you'd use the spices!! God bless her!

lelly said...

awesome display idea!

yeah, considering the shelf life of most spices is, like, 12 months...