Monday, May 12, 2008

busy time of year-

**** I wrote this on friday, but somehow it did not post- So I added a few things ... here it is-

This is that time of the year that is so busy- and you start to forget what you have done, and where you are going and when ...

This week we have had-


Jack's mock trial for the wolf of the 3 little pigs- He was the defendant and won!

Mornings with mom at the school

Savannas 5th grade program

Luke's parent tea

Savanna's field trip

Mother's Daybreakfast
family toasting mom

What we have left ...
littles ENT appointments
kids awards assembly
jack field trip
orchestra concert
1 yet to be made pediatrician appointment
recital rehearsal
last day of school activities for each child
preparing to leave ....

and then all the normal activities, practices errands etc.

breathe, breathe.

I started to get a little worried about how I am going to get it all done.
But then I remembered a talk I read during the year Luke was born.
I was going to give a talk on freedom- and I wanted to talk specifically about the freedom of choice, and the freedom our choices give us.

This talk reminds me that the very act of doing all these things is what is going to help me accomplish all I need to do- it will keep me moving, it will keep me sane in the preparations for the trip, and Luke's surgery.
Here is the part that I love the most-

"Very often, too, freedom means packing a burden. Sometimes we want to escape the burden, thinking that freedom would lie in that. A few years ago, I took my truck into the mountains to get some firewood one late fall afternoon. The road up the canyon was covered with snow, and the higher I went, the deeper the snow. Soon I was far up, and the snow was deep. I pulled off the road and promptly got stuck. I moved several logs that were in front of the wheels, but I still couldn’t go. By this time it was getting dark. “Maybe someone will come along,” I thought. “While I’m waiting, I might as well cut up a little wood.” Soon I had a whole load of firewood, but still no one had come. “Well,” I thought, “I’d better start walking.”

Before I did, I decided to try just one more time to move the track. I put my truck in gear, and it slowly but surely pulled back onto the road. The load of wood had given the truck traction. What it could not do empty, it could do full.

We must not run around empty. Often we spend too much energy trying to escape our burdens. It is a misconception that too much work always destroys our freedom. Sometimes it’s not that we have too much to do, but that we don’t have enough and therefore are barely in gear and have no traction at all. Actually, freedom comes with the load."
Now I am not at all saying add a bunch of stuff to the already overwhelmingly tight load that most of us faces day to day-
We still must choose wisely between good better best-
But the momentum of the things we do- helps us move along.
What we can't not do empty, we can do full.


Rebecca said...

Love, Love, Love the "Good, Better, Best" talk by Elder Oaks!!! It is a favorite...I have read and re-read it to keep reminding myself of the MOST important things that I and my family need to choose.
I know that I never want hard things in life (who does??)...but it is good to be reminded that we actually need those things to progress!

Rebecca said...

Sorry...I forgot to wish you luck on your journey and "adventures" in California! I will be thinking about you and praying that all goes well...if anyone can do it, you can-- 'cuz you're so amazing!

Sandi said...

What a great reminder. Good, Better, Best was one of my favorite talks too.

Anonymous said...

This was so great to read today. My load feels heavy lately, but I think it grounds me and keeps me from having idle hands and thoughts. Thank you for posting this- I love that when I come to your blog to catch up a little there is always something that just sticks to me.