Tuesday, May 4, 2010

SPT- create order

No challenge this week-
So I made up my own challenge.
Get my house back in order.

I need to spend some time cleaning, and putting things where they belong. De-junking and organizing. I had to laugh at myself today when I looked around my house at such a disarray and remembered I am going to go help someone organize their home tomorrow morning.
What is that saying? Do as I say not as I do?

So I am working on the house. It may take me a few days. (and maybe a trip to Sonic!)

I even got myself a new apron. At first I thought it would be for the kitchen while I was creating in there. But now I think it is going to be my create order apron. I love the little ruffle at the bottom.


Meghan said...

I love that you have your tennis shoes on. On days that I know I need to get a lot of housework done I put my tennis shoes on first thing. It means I am serious! Good luck with the projects.

Jay Spear said...

i like the ruffles too :)

hillary said...

I wish you luck with your house organizing. I want to be doing that this week too. Maybe I'll make a goal for next week. And for the record, when you lived by me your house was all kinds of organized and clean. I'm pretty sure it's just a great. Only I don't live so close. Thats a bummer. And you have better cleaning attire. CUTE APRON!