Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Bulls in the china shop

He finally lost his first tooth!

It did not at all happen the way I thought it would.

We noticed a little while back that his tooth had a little wiggle to it. But nothing ready to pull out.
I thought for sure that Luke would be the one to pull it right out when it was ready.

But no.

He didn't pull it.
Nobody pulled it.

It was kicked out.
By his younger brother.

After all the excitement had died down from having his first tooth out I asked what happened.

Tucker kicked it out.

We were pretending to be baby bull's.

I guess I am glad that the baby bull, was only kicking baby teeth.


Kristie said...

yeah, Brayden knocked out Kellen's two front teeth while they were "playing", as well. Unfortunately, he was only four, so they weren't quite ready to come out, and he wound up wearing a bridge for several years because of it! Ahhhh, sibling love ....

Lene said...

So nice of Tucker to help out.

jarrleckie said...

Can't believe he just now lost his first. He's been waiting a long time......yeah for Luke!