Monday, June 14, 2010

Jack- Camp

Last week was Jack's Scout Twilight camp-

I got to go on Monday with Jack and his troop.

I was supposed to go twice. But another Mom had so much fun she wanted to go up every day! I think it is fun to go one day. Then that is about much fun as I want to have. Honestly.

The fun that I had was watching Jack have fun.

The day I attended, Jack and his friends went on a hike,

played kickball,

shot bb guns,

made nametags, (love the S)

and listened to (and hopefully remembered!) lots of great Scout info.

At the beginning and end of each day the boys would all meet together for a flag ceremony, and sing a few silly songs.
The boys cracked me up by pulling out their song books for the ride home.
I was glad to have the alone time with Jack. I was startled when I realized that Luke would be going next year. Then I started doing the math. If Luke and Tucker participate, I have about 14 more years ahead of Scouting. I think I will earn my Scout merit badge. How long until I get asked to help with their weekly meetings? Its just a matter of time.


Kristie said...

Yeah, well, I know its all about Jack and his fun time at camp, but I just gotta say, you had some awesome light in those photos!!! :)

Kimallsup said...

I think it's great just to go 1 day... then you don't get burned out.
WOW I can't believe Luke will go next year!

Kaleen said...

You too shall have your turn in Cub Scouts. Ive been in Scouts on and off for 9 years (Since Provo). Im the Weblos leader now and Parker turned 11 in April. He has moved onto Boy Scouts so I thought I would get released but NO, Im still in, guess I havent earned my Merit Badge yet :)

Kim Sue said...

I think enjoying one day of fun sounds just about right!