Friday, July 23, 2010

We got company!

That is what Luke wrote first thing in a letter to a pen pal.
What he wrote sums up last weekend perfect!

"We got company! And each night we did something fun. The first night we made homemade ice cream. The second night we had a BARBAQUE!! The third night we went to a friends house."

When I found out our friends, the Shurtz family were going to be making a weekend stop here in Oklahoma on their summer vacation I offered them a place to stay. They lived here about four years ago while they were attending law school. When we moved back here to Oklahoma we had three kids and they had one. Now they have four. Two of their kids we had never met! But it felt like we knew who they were through their families blog.

Like Luke said, the first night we made ice cream. It was cold work. But worth the effort. Then we sat out in the heat around the firepit. Kim came over to visit with Meghan and I.

The next day we hung out, relaxed and went swimming. Meghan wrote that it was relaxing taking all eight kids swimming. I am glad she felt so. I did too.

Then we had the BBQ- I love that Luke put it in all caps with three exclamation points. It was that big of a deal. It was like a reunion!

Lots of happy kids.

Hot dogs and lots of yummy food.



Being silly.



Catching up.

Lots of photos.


And lots.

Meghan asked me to get a few shots of the kids.

I think I got some.

It was so fun to watch the interactions of all the "kids."

Some of them are not kids anymore, but middle school, high school and college age students.

We loved seeing them all play with each other, and include each one in whatever it was they were doing!

I think the adults enjoyed having the kids all play so they could catch up on life!

After dinner, and things had started to "cool" off (HA!) we started the fire in the pit.

We made smores. Actually Jay and I made smores. I had forgotten to get longer roasters, and only had one hanger. ONE! So we set up a little assembly line and put them all together then passed out the smores. I have to say that I think the smores this night were some of the best ever. The trick? It was so dang hot outside the chocolate was mostly melted by the time it hit the Graham cracker. Then when we added the toasty marshmallow- ah perfection! I always try and keep the chocolate cool and firm, but not any more!

Fuller was an only child when we met their family.

We knew Olivia when she was a baby.

Missy serenaded us with her guitar and songs.

Some of the kids sung camp songs. The best was when they stood on the wall and led us in some very funny interactive songs. Great crowd participation.

There was only a little grumpiness.

Lots of beauty.




Having friends is a great thing~

When we knew that Meghan and family were coming I told them that we would have a bbq, that way they could see a lot of people in one spot, and have time to just hang out and visit. That was also when it was cooler. The night we had everyone over was the hottest it had been all summer! Everyone had red faces, but had a lot of fun anyway. (I hope it was fun for everyone!)
I didn't think it was too bad outside, until I went inside. HOT!

Meghan's Dad flew in late to help her drive the rest of the way to Utah, since Jon was flying back to Florida. While Jay stayed up late talking with him about sculpting, painting and art in general, Meghan & Julie and I stayed up late talking.

Then the third night.

Our three families got together for dinner. Much cooler this time- inside at Kim's!
I loved watching all of our kids play together. It was like they had all known each other all along. No time had passed. It felt the same with the adults too.

Sunday morning right before church we hurried fast to take some photos of Meghan's family.
I had hoped for a little better light, but didn't think it was such a good idea to have anyone wake up early for it. So we did the best we could. I was happy that we got some good shots- some smiles, some beauty, and some where most everyone was looking at the camera at the same time!

We loved having all of their family stay with us. Funny thing- It didn't feel like there were six extra people staying here. Can you believe they didn't leave anything behind? I am never that fortunate when traveling!

I loved seeing Meghan at church. She and Kim came and sat in the back of Primary and it was so normal to see them sitting there. It was such a comforting feeling.

I cried when they left. I kind of was surprised by my emotions. It was so fun having them visit and getting together with our friends on Friday night. It really felt like a reunion of sorts. I think it was the feeling of not knowing when we will all see each other again, the possibility of change for all of our friends in their future and just enjoying being together and not wanting it to end.


jarrleckie said...

What a GREAT post! Oh, how I wish I could have been there.......seeing the pictures shows what a fab night it was!

shara said...

Alisa- it was so absolutely fun and wonderful! Loved the hospitality and being able to catch up w/ friends. Sitting around the fire pit, music and camp songs... ahhh-